The Future of Business
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The Future of Business

The Community Lab by Hysan and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) is a unique B2B incubation platform that nurtures the next generation of innovative start-ups and smart city ideas. We integrate best-in-class technology into business operations to capture the potential of promising pioneers and uplift Hong Kong’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re more than just a tech incubator.

As a hub for limitless possibilities, we go the extra mile to foster tech to benefit Hong Kong and the world, bringing tangible business outcomes and long-term economic growth.

Our shared goal is to integrate problem-solving technology with our vibrant community to achieve lasting impacts on our community’s ​​living, mobility, sustainability, and economy.

We pursue solutions to reshape our society and connect start-ups with the resources and business networks to succeed.

Hand in hand, we are building the foundation for a stronger Innovation & Technology (I&T) ecosystem to manifest start-up potential and business opportunities and empower the Smart City Blueprint of Hong Kong.


Presenting an innovative and practical platform to deliver real-world data and results, the Last-mile Testing Programme is the backbone of The Community Lab.

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