A joint partnership between leading property group Hysan and the city’s largest I&T flagship HKSTP, The Community Lab nurtures up-and-coming start-ups and tech creators to transform smart city ideas into reality.

We share a common vision to support forward-thinking solutions and bring the latest technologies to life. Innovation is embedded into our DNA, and our unique contributions bring us closer together in our partnership.

Leveraging the diverse pool of start-ups in the portfolio of HKSTP, and the networking potential and community foundation that defines Hysan, our collaboration brings tech in Hong Kong to the next level and guides the smart city evolution—together.

Our pioneering “digital twins” perspective combines online and offline systems to redefine the retail experience. At The Community Lab, we combine our strengths and resources to give back to the community that we serve and revolutionise what it means to live in a smart city!

Vision & Mission

As a hub for limitless possibilities, we go the extra mile to foster tech to benefit Hong Kong and the world, bringing tangible business outcomes and long-term economic growth.

Our shared goal is to integrate problem-solving technology with our vibrant community to achieve lasting impacts on our community’s ​​living, mobility, sustainability, and economy.

We pursue solutions to reshape our society and connect start-ups with the resources and business networks to succeed.

Hand in hand, we are building the foundation for a stronger Innovation & Technology (I&T) ecosystem to manifest start-up potential and business opportunities and empower the Smart City Blueprint of Hong Kong.

The Community Lab