Synthetic Healthcare Data: Privacy, Algorithm, and Application in Hong Kong

DEC 8, 2022 (THURSDAY)
Past event

Nowadays healthcare is increasingly tailored to an individual’s unique genetic profile and care needs. The ambition of personalized healthcare requires and has generated an unprecedented amount of sensitive clinicogenomic data to advance research and health services. A central dilemma for policymakers, industry partners, health providers and researchers alike is how to accelerate these advancements by sharing data while still safeguarding patient’s privacy.

Synthetic data generation, a critical development in data science and artificial intelligence, has the potential to significantly mitigate patient privacy concerns in data sharing while maintaining research value. This modeling technique generates a new dataset with the same statistical properties as the original dataset, but does not compromise the privacy of individuals. Demonstration projects have been undertaken in several industries such as banking and healthcare.

A diversity of audience will find this cross-disciplinary event insightful, no matter whether you are a government official, health administrator, physician, AI enthusiast, biotech veteran, entrepreneur, compliance officer, social scientist or law student. See you there!”

DEC 8, 2022 (THURSDAY)
6:30 – 8:00 PM
The Community Lab, 24/F, Lee Garden Five, 18 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

Topic 1 : Introduction to Personalized Healthcare, and the Potential Impact of Synthetic Data

Mr. Gareth Lane, Lead, Personalized Health Care, Roche

Topic 2: Synthetic Data in Healthcare and Privacy: A Systematic Literature Review

Prof. Wilson Wong, Co-Director, Data Science and Policy Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; CASBS Fellow, Stanford University

a. CUHK colleague

i. Dr. LO Man Fung (Kevin)
ii. Mr. Man Ho Wong (Tony)

b. Student

i. Cheuk Ying Fu
ii. Yung Law
iii. Chung Yin Lee
iv. Ho Nam (Justin) Ng
v. Bochun Zhang

Topic 3: Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data Generation at Roche

Ms. Marta Batlle López, Data Scientist at Roche (remote)

Topic 4: Data Platform at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Ms. Jennifer Leung, Manager, STP Platform

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